Who are Cristian & Marianne?

Cristian created the Best Job in the World campaign and was ranked the no.1 Art Director in the world.

Marianne has twice represented Australia as a judge at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

We’ve spoken at TEDx, lectured at UQ and QUT, built brands such as Virgin and RACQ.

A recent example of our work that goes well at bbq’s - we came up with the BCFing line for outdoor store, BCF.

After working for Clemenger Group for the past decade, where Marianne was on the board, we have just set out on our own.

Efficiencies save money
and face-palming.

We join your team.

By working with you, embedded in your team, and knowing your business so closely, means we get it right. So you don’t pay for rounds of work that isn’t right.
Experience brings speed.

We work fast and make changes on the spot. We like sitting down and trying things together. A verbal brief is fine for us, because we’re working closely with you.
No layers.

With us, you have two people who can do it all from strategy to creative to execution. We’re on the tools so you don’t have to pay for three other people.

We did this.

Best Job in the World

“There’s only budget to run a classified ad”
When you need to run an international tourism campaign, with a classified ad budget, you work with that problem. The idea was to advertise an island caretaker job to let people know about the island accommodation on the Great Barrier Reef. It became the most awarded campaign in the world at that time.

Case Study

BCFing Fun

“Everyone’s an f-ing expert”

And the idea for BCFing went from there. We came up with the original BCFing expert tagline and worked on the first few years of this successful retail brand platform. It was BCFing fun to hear people talk about it, sing the brand name, and deliver the best Christmas sales they’d ever done.


World Science Festival

“Using AI for an innovative program”

With a World Science Festival program that includes AI, and a budget that didn’t extend to a photo shoot, it was the perfect brief to flex our AI muscles.
Using ChatGPT, Midjourney, Runway and Adobe AI, we created the hero artwork and footage, and used the different elements to speak to different targets.

Nimble it.

“Why don’t you tell me what that means?”

An unexpected male pregnancy, a car breakdown that was two Germans in a sauna, and a vet bill from guys in a dog suit. This was how the Nimble brand was launched and became a household name for when the unexpected happens.

Pitch Drop

“We want to use your most boring experiment”

The Pitch Drop holds the record for the world’s longest running experiment. But it’s also the most boring. For 87 years, a blob of tar had demonstrated viscosity and dropped 8 times. The interesting thing is, no-one had ever witnessed it drop, something always cursed it. So we launched theninthwatch.com which saw people log 35 years worth of watching in 6 months, to make history, and learn more about UQ.

Case Study