Nice things said about us.

“Cristian and Marianne have been working as part of our team this year. A great example of why I like their approach is a project for our supercars sponsorship. Cristian and Marianne worked closely with our designer on the brief. After a couple of days, we had a look at their work, were able to try things as we walked past during the day, and had it finalised that afternoon. Rather than a couple of weeks of back and forth, it was sorted in a day. And our sponsorship has never looked better.”
Jason Kibsgaard, Head of Marketing, NTI Transport Insurance    

“I’ve worked with Cristian and Marianne for years. They were part of the team to reinvent the BCFing brand, creating globally award-winning work and some of our best sales results ever. They always come up with out-of-the-box, big ideas, and on top of that, they’re great to work with.”
Ben McConnell, GM Operations BCF, Super Retail Group

“Cristian and Marianne are a dynamic duo whose individual strengths and views seem to balance each other in creative harmony. Marianne’s ability to strategically refine Cristian’s creativity always resulted in exciting on-brief ideas. Like a yin & yang symbol, when you work with these two, you get strongly balanced output from two sides of the creative universe.”
Scott Colvin, Head of Brand – Keno & Instants, The Lottery Corporation

Together, we rebuilt the Clemenger office in Brisbane, turning its financial performance around, building a close-knit team and being recognised as Agency of the Year. Cristian and Marianne are loved by clients for creativity that gets noticed and gets results. They know how to listen, how to get to the heart of the problem, and how to answer it with innovative thinking.”
Vanessa Brennan, CEO Mocka Furniture

“I’ve crossed paths with Marianne and Cristian in different roles over the years and have always enjoyed their collaborative way of working. They created innovative work for Ergon Energy and understood the tone of voice needed between regional and metro areas. They’ve been a great help to the team at Energy Qld in navigating the changes and challenges to our industry.”
Samantha Greig, Manager, Strategic Marketing and Brand, Energy Queensland

“Cristian and Marianne were the creative geniuses behind the award-winning Pitch Drop Experiment campaign. I was privileged to work with them on this campaign which featured the world’s longest running experiment (and some would say most boring) to promote UQ’s cutting edge science. Through their innovation and dedication to science communication, the Ninth Watch campaign caught the attention of the world’s science nerds and lifted UQ’s profile. If they can do this with a blob of tar, they can do pretty much anything.”
Julie Baglot, Senior Manager, Faculty of Science, University of Queensland